King's Cross Theatre

The King's Cross Theatre is an exciting new theatre venue in the heart of the re-developed King's Cross area.  They have received critical acclaim for their recent production of The Railway Children and they have seen audience numbers increase from 8,000 to 18,000 per week.  


• Fast, modern, ergonomic touch screen terminals

• Comprehensive sales and stock reporting

• Bespoke venue set-up & pricing models

• Specific support for a theatre service model – interval orders, fast transaction processing

• Roaming sales function

• Barcode scanning for retail

• Expertise & support service






• 13, modern, robust, spill proof touch screen terminals

• Cloud based reporting – real time data, accessible via any internet connected device

• Barcode scanners

• Mobile, hand held tablet ordering

• Integrated contactless payment functionality

• Interval ‘pre-order’ option

• RFID till access for staff






• The solution easily serviced 18,000 customers per week – up from 8,000 previously

• The solution required minimal staff training

• Access to real time sales & stock data reduced admin

• Differential venue pricing helped maximise revenue

• Comprehensive reporting data helped streamline reconciliation

• Access to data now informs ongoing sales strategy that can grow the Business

• Interval ordering was simple, with more customer served & reduced waiting times

• Highly responsive & creative support provided by the Gardiff team